There are several tours going on simultaneously at the end of each day. During sign-up you will be prompted to select your tour preference. Like workshops, tours are assigned on a first come first serve basis.

Tours include:

  • Big House
  • UM Planetarium – Solar System Live 
  • UM Natural History Museum
  • UM Museum of Art
  • Ford Robotics Building
  • Visual & Fabrication Studios
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Big House

Ever wondered what it feels like to run out of the tunnel onto the field of the Big House? Standing on the sideline in the coach’s spot? Taking a selfie in the end zone? Now you can! Come and throw a touchdown pass or kick a field goal, and take your photo on the 50-yard line.

UM Planetarium | Solar System Live

Take a tour of our solar system, discussing planets, asteroids, motions, and more! We’ll zoom in on each planet in detail, enjoying breathtaking visualizations. Returning to Earth, we explore the night sky for any visible planets. This tour takes place at the planetarium located inside the UM Natural History Museum.

UM’s Natural History Museum

Don’t just expect a bunch of old bones. Embedded among the labs at U-M’s new Biological Sciences Building, the museum doesn’t just preserve the past; it also shows off the latest in scientific research with interactive exhibits!

Robotics Photo

Ford Robotics Building

The Ford Robotics building brings all parts of the robotics enterprise together for real-world results. The new building is designed to promote collaborative work across disciplines, involving students and faculty at all levels, from a variety of fields.

Michigan Union

UM Museum of Art & Michigan Union

One of the finest university art museums in the country, UMMA holds collections representing 150 years of art collecting.  After a 20-month closure in 2019 and $85.2 million in renovations, come and see the new Michigan Union!

Visualization Studio

Visual & Fabrication Studios

Visit two of the Duderstadt Center’s project studios: the Visualization studio featuring virtual and augmented reality; and the Fabrication studio with 3D printers and laser cutters.