There are many tours going on simultaneously at the end each day. During sign-up you will be prompted to rank your tour preferences. Like workshops, tours are assigned on a first come first serve basis.

Tours include:

    • M-Air
    • Planetarium Star Talk – (UM’s new planetarium) 
    • Duderstadt Center’s GroundWorks Studios 
    • Marine Hydrodynamics Lab 
    • Origami-Inspired Structures (new)
    • THinC Lab (new)
    • The Secrets of the Lurie Bell Tower
    • Dasgupta Lab (new)
    • Our Big House is Your Big House
    • Wilson Student Team Project Center


The College of Engineering’s newest lab, M-Air is a 50′ tall netted outdoor fly lab for testing autonomous aerial vehicles. The new facility opens in April 2018. When M-Air opens, Michigan Engineering will earn the distinction of hosting advanced robotics testing facilities for air, sea, and land.

Planetarium Star Talk

Visit UM’s newly remodeled planetarium. Bright stars, constellations, and planets in the current night sky will be discussed in this live “star talk.” We’ll then leave Earth and fly out into space to examine the planets and other distant objects. Each show looks at the current night sky and covers bright stars, constellations and planets.

Duderstadt Center’s GroundWorks Studios 

The Duderstadt Center’s GroundWorks Studios provides the entire University of Michigan community access to high-end technologies and professional expertise in virtual and augmented reality, audio and video recording, 3D scanning, advanced visualization, motion capture, 3d modeling, and animation. This tour will introduce you to the various spaces at the Duderstadt and you will get to see the Design, Fabrication, Audio/Video and Visualization Studios in action.

Marine Hydrodynamics Lab 

Hop on the bus, we are headed down to the only engineering facility still on central campus. The newly renovated Marine Hydrodynamics Lab is a suite of labs and facilities that engage in classic naval architecture experiments, such as calm water resistance, seakeeping, and propeller tests. We may even take a carriage ride across the tow tank.

Origami-Inspired Structures 

Origami has been the inspiration for a new and innovative way to create structures that are both stiff and flexible, with the potential to be used in different sectors such as aerospace, architecture and robotics. The first thing that springs to mind tends to be a small and beautifully crafted crane. However these new structures are incredibly strong, whilst also being able to fold into a flat, compact area for storage and shipping.

THinC Lab  (The Human-automation Interaction and Cognition)

Have you ever heard on the news that an airplane accident was caused by “human error?”  Have your parents questioned whether to follow the recommendation of a GPS when it provided an unexpected route?  The THinC Lab researches the design of robots, automation, and machines that are operated by people in high-risk environments.  Come see how the lab uses airplane, drone, and driving simulators to evaluate the design of interfaces and alarms, and learn about our research in human-machine trust, attention management, and human error.

The Secrets of Lurie Bell Tower

The 60-bell carillon of Lurie Tower is one of less than 200 of its kind in North America. See this rare instrument and the art of carillon playing up close, get a behind-the-scenes look at what’s inside the various levels of the tower, and learn to take part in a bell-ringing tradition yourself!

Dasgupta Lab

This mechanical engineering lab works on advanced materials for renewable energy applications. Examples include solar cells, batteries for electric cars, and lightweight materials to reduce our oil consumption. We take inspiration from nature, and design materials as engineers to solve some of the toughest challenges facing humanity in the 21st century, focusing on energy, water, and sustainability.

Our Big House is Your Big House

Ever wondered what it feels like to run out of the tunnel onto the field of the Big House? Standing on the sideline in the coach’s spot? Taking a selfie in the end zone? Now you can. Because we have the keys to the Big House! Come and throw a touchdown pass or kick a field goal, take your photo on the 50-yard line. You’ll also visit the Michigan locker room and experience the Jack Roth Stadium Club.

Wilson Student Team Project Center

The Wilson Center is used by 22 student teams, like the solar car, formula SAE and cement canoe teams for research and hands-on development and fabrication. The Wilson Center furnishes groups with a unique opportunity to interact with one another, share ideas, and showcase their projects. The Wilson Center meets a critical need by providing students with dedicated space and facilities for teams to compete nationally and internationally.